Please pen alpacas for shearing

One of the few things we ask when we come out to shear your alpacas is that you ensure that the alpacas are penned ready for our arrival. We try our best to keep you updated with our progress throughout the day. This will avoid disappointment if we turn up and they are still in the paddock. We will not run them into pens from paddocks for you we will simply reschedule. Safety for us, we do not know your property, and we do not come equipped to perform this task efficiently either. Also out of respect to other people we are going on to shear later the same day, if we have to wait for alpacas that keep others waiting as well and extends the day for everyone. Thank you all for your understanding.
If you would like to discuss options for penning alpacas, please make contact with us, and we will be more than happy to help out and make suggestions.

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